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Do you want to meet your favorite authors? Readers? Join us with a guest author,  Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm ET
Click here for the calendar.
The following is the link to the book club Facebook page:

Once there, click on the blue link to join the virtual book club.
There's something for everyone: readers and authors learn all their secrets,  success stories, recommendations, tips, inspirations and suggestions. Readers are introduced to a new genre in some cases, or get to see up close and personal their favorite author and how they do it. Also, what the author expects to launch in the future. Everyone is enlightened. 
Upcoming guests: Kaylee Rose, Sofia Aves, PJ Fiala, Lexi Post, Melanie Moreland, Sharon Hamilton, Aaron Woodson, Dee Stewart, Kayelle Allen, Linda Bond, etc. ...
Check out dates and guests here 
so you can mark you calendar.
Recent guests: BJ Daniels, Roxanne St, Claire, Desiree Holt, EmKay ConnorsSasha Summers , Kayelle Allen, Maddy Michaels, Catherine Bybee, Kendra Elliott Kari Lemor, Cat Johnson, Megan Ryder, Desiree Holt, Peggy Jaeger, Kaci Rose, Loretta C. Rogers, Sharon Sala, Holly Jacobs, Cynthia D'Alba, KaLyn Cooper, Dee Stewart, Nicole Severn, Nancy Naigle, Flossie Benton-Rogers, Shirley Jump, JM Madden, Cat Johnson, Sharon Bushbinder, Sofia Aves, Reina Torres, Lizzie Leaf, just to mention a few. 

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