Do you want to meet your favorite authors? Readers? Join us with an author guest each week. Wednesday at 7-8:30 pm ET

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Upcoming guests: Desiree Holt, Liz Crowe, Reina Torres, Sharon Buchbinder, Lizzie Leaf, Sharon Hamilton, Cynthia D'Alba, Nancy Naigle, Sharon Sala, JM Madden, Holly Jacobs, Terry Wells-Brown, Kalyn Cooper, Kaylee Rose, Sofia Aves, Lori Ryan, Kaci Rose, Karen Lingefelt, Emily Gray, Nicole Sever, Cooper MacKenzie, Teri Wilson, Savannah MaCann, Ginni Conquest, Connie Y Harris, Kat Martin, and Dee Stewart  

Recent guests: Connie Y. Harris, BJ Daniels, Roxanne St, Claire, Sasha Summers Best, Kayelle, Allen, Shelly Justice, Maddy Michaels, Zachary Johnson, Kari Lemor, Cat Johnson, Megan Ryder, Desiree Holt, Peggy Jaeger, Kaci Rose, Loretta C. Rogers, Eliza March,